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Accelerating Performance Quality!!!

Quality speaks to trust. Software testing is not just a phase in analyzing the product performance, but an assured promise of delivering the quality experience from an organization to an end-user. Automation testing solutions elevate the testing standards and help for effective testing with modern approaches. By automating human repetitive tasks with innovative tools, the cost and time invested are optimized to greater extents ensuring the progress of overall market performance.

The test automation framework especially led to the enhancement of the final product performance much easier than ever. Identification and fixing of bugs are carried out very smoothly with specified automation tools to increase the quality standards of performance testing. Delivering the services as an Industry best Automation services provider is a challenging task which we consider as our everyday motivation. Not only in the testing domain, automation can be observed in other sectors of day to day life too like customer support, employee management system, regular communication mechanism, etc can also be moved towards automation to achieve quick business excellence.

Power Your Business with Automation Services

Employee Hiring and Management System

The most common and on-demand automation service is employee hiring and management system. This particular service wing has no limitations and can be scaled beyond the boundaries. Routine procedures like Employee leave communication, status updates, company alerts, internal communication, hiring process, attendance system etc all can be automated either completely or partially to quicken the process and achieve the target results more easily. Employee analytics and business numbers can easily be estimated and calculated with the automation implementation.

Specialized Testing Automation

When there is no particular defined approach is designed to carry out the various functionalities of your organization, we provide the best automation testing solutions with defined strategies and calculated approaches especially in case of Mobile Testing and Functional testing strategies. Our service helps you to identify the right areas where automation of the process is required to ensure the productivity increase by decreasing the costs invested. The automation strategies also help in cutting down the complexities with optimized results.

Support & Maintenance

The customer care support is always the key wing of any organization. Regularly posed questions, product usage guidance, activation or de-activation of any service, etc can be automated with the help of well define professional automation services. The automated customer care support also helps in reducing the human error rates and a number of human employees employed to do a particular task. The wait time and the response time is also brought down drastically.

Software development and testing procedure

The most and high priority of automation testing services are observed in the software industry to a larger extent when compared with the other areas. Here, right from design, development, requirements gathering to the final deployment, each and every tiny module which is repetitive in nature can be easily automated without any second thought to wave off the redundancy of tasks and achieve high productivity.

Web Applications

We cater to the automation solutions in a customer-centric and business-driven approach, where we automate the most significant modules which directly enhance the web application performance and elevate the standards of user experience.

Web Services

Not only the regular technical services are automated with Eclature, But We also extend our services with proven technical expertise to automate the most used web services to ease the use of the application or service from a customer point of view.

What we do with Automation testing Solutions

Eclature turns the simple things into miracles with its magical touch of expertise. Our deep understanding and problem-solving capabilities help us to stand best among our competitors. We take up the real-time challenges and bet ourselves to deliver the best ever results within the estimated budgets. Eclature provides the industry best Automation services in whatever domain your request for with the help of our professional hub. We cater high-end automation testing services which best suit our client’s requirement and satisfy the respective need and demand. We at Eclature are proficient enough in identifying and suggesting which part of the procedure or the functionality should be automated in order to achieve delivery excellence.

Why Choose Us?

Experience Powered with Expertise

Eclature helps customers to test and maintain the quality of their products and services with utmost trust and dedication. We have a well-trained and skilled professional Quality team who are highly smart and efficient in using the Automated Testing Tools. We perform the entire testing strategy from the point of the customer’s perspective.

Increased Business Returns

By integrating the power of automation with world-class technical expertise, we focus on customer satisfaction which when implemented in the right direction, increases the ROI performance with positive shades. Also, the amount of time and money invested drastically falls down when a shift towards automation is taken and implemented well.

Solutions to Complex Business processes

We evaluate the stress points for each and every requirement, collaborate with the right team to address the complexities and deliver the most suitable automation solutions with smart implementation which reduces the risk of the complex business processes.

Unique Methodologies and Frameworks

We design unique approaches for every different requirement and analyze the problem-solving capabilities for the solutions we have developed. Automation tools and technologies we implement are well researched and thoroughly programmed.

Industries using Automation testing services

Marketing and Sales
Business Applications
Software Industry

Our Approach

Code Driven Testing

Eclature follows the right steps in evaluating the code related functionalities like testing the modules, code flows, interfaces, public, private specifies, etc to validate the core code performance.

User Interface Oriented

Graphical interfaces, code directed and redirect, image loadings, page representation, etc. are deeply analyzed without leaving behind even minute details.

Programmable Approach

Our code-driven strategies and business value-oriented approaches enable the ease of programmed methodologies to carry forward.

Flexible Environment

Our test environments and automation ecosystem can easily be customizable with user-friendly approaches making it more robust and flexible.

“We’d recommend them to others and will definitely hire him again to start work on other platforms. I got more than my money’s worth!”

-Mr. Alex Banyard

“Their standard of coding has helped us move our project along quickly and keep us agile enough in the ever-growing complex technology landscape.”

-Mr. Alan Chiswell

“For over 4+ years now, we worked together with Eclature on various offshore projects and they have been the trusted technology partner for my firm.”

-Mr. Gordon Harvey

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