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The performance of final products can act as a judging factor for any industry. Continuous integration of core concepts of business with high-end technologies can result in a strategic success formula for delivering the end products. Performance engineering is one such approach to enhance and boost confidence in the end product market performance and analyze the results to predict the future scope. Eclature delivers Performance engineering solutions at a high rate of commitment with proven hands-on experience. We concentrate on domain centered and quality driven deliverables in each of our projects. Scalability and reliability speak more of our Performance testing services and Performance testing solutions where we cover each of Capacity, Load, Volume, Stress, Endurance, and Component Testing, including production monitoring and consulting.

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Load Testing

Load testing plays a vital role in assessing the caliber of the application to handle multiple user hits and various accesses. The behavior of the use is keenly observed when the threshold limit of application access is crossed, and the results are recorded. Based on the afterward performance, the Load testing strategy can be changed accordingly and tested again and again to analyze the observations. Factors like CPU performance, memory, disk spacing, response time, and the physical server behavior are considered while carrying out load testing.

Web Service Testing

Web service testing always has the top list priority while carrying the QA process of any software application. The concentration here is to identify and analyze how the web service requests are responding to each user request internally and externally. The HTTP set and get methods, XML service requests, page loading, dynamic page inputting, Cascading style sheets loading time, graphical content displaying time, and overall web page performance is testing in web service testing strategy.

Scalable Testing

All the non-functional aspects of the application are catered here technically under certain circumstances to deeply understand the scalability features of the respective application under test. Here, the expectations are calculated clearly, and the app is analyzed whether it can scale up or scale out of the scope by carrying the defined standards throughout the scaling and supporting process. How far the data can be taken, how good the input and output interfaces can withstand the threshold limits, how efficient is the capability of servers are some of the factors considered to assess in scalability testing as they play a vital role in product performance delivery

Volume Testing

Volume testing specially deals with the enormous volume of data in all forms. The targeted applications are imposed with massive data inputs to understand and assess the behavior of the app when the input limits are crossed or lowered than expected. Volume testing helps in understanding the critical performance of the application under well-defined testing scenarios. The inputs triggered can be of any form like large database files, long tables, or unstructured data. Whatever the information may be, the application is intended to pass through the process with desired expectations and predictions.

What We Do With Performance Testing Services

Eclature strives to keep up the quality standards always high through various intelligent approaches and smart innovations. Performance engineering is one such mechanism at Eclature, which deals with product delivery assessments like load testing, scalability testing, volume testing, and many more. We have the right potential caliber in the technical domain and the required experience to deliver what our client desire most and assure business growth in all means.

Why Choose Us?
  • Potential with Responsibility
    Our team of qualified professionals always delivers continuous support and guide the complete cycle of performance engineering at each confine step, assuring bug fixing and defect tracking analysis. We study the scope of bug existence and defect prevalence specifications in a detailed manner to prevent future loopholes in any software.
  • Programmed Approach
    We follow a well-defined approach in answering the quality and performing related complex queries to assess your product performance a prevent the risk of defect exposure after delivery. We check every module specifications during the entire SDLC process.
  • Cost Effectiveness
    We know where to control and how to cut down the costs incurred during performance engineering testing services and solutions. We strive to bring in more confidence in the testing approaches with trending technology integrations. Always Eclature ensures the best return possible in each phase with optimized cost calculations with the smart implementation of technical expertise.
  • Highly Competent
    Whether it is an agile approach or a traditional waterfall model, we give our best in each process, assuring flexibility in a shift of procedures with an experienced touch. We are highly motivated to help our clients in fixing the challenging factors in less period.

Choose Us?

Various Industries using performance engineering

Marketing and Sales
Business Applications
Software Industry

Our Approach To Performance Testing Services

Performance testing

Eclature caters all the faces of performance testing depending upon the considerable factors and the competing strategies. Our projected oriented approach with proven business development scale up each and every performance related objective to meet the user expectations.


Our expert ye never rests while monitoring the functioning factors of any respective application and never fails to note down the weak points which help us further in improving the product performance by addressing the challenges.


A deep analysis with success driven strategy and implementation is our secret sauce which elevates the market standards of our designed services and solutions.


We take care to decrease the financial and time investments at all levels of product development and deployment stages with a promised enhancement of performance of the application.

“We’d recommend them to others and will definitely hire him again to start work on other platforms. I got more than my money’s worth!”

-Mr. Alex Banyard

“Their standard of coding has helped us move our project along quickly and keep us agile enough in the ever-growing complex technology landscape.”

-Mr. Alan Chiswell

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