About us

Eclature is an Innovative Technology company focused on emerging technologies like Bigdata, Mobile, Cloud, DevOps, Analytics and Automation, specialist in digital transformation, consulting and business re-engineering solutions.

A combination of unparalleled technical expertise and a unique management philosophy called Customers First.

Our theme is AGILE, AUTOMATION & ANALYTICS with a high degree of innovation and value focus.

At Eclature, employees at all levels of the organization are “ideapreneurs,” empowered – indeed, expected – to develop innovative solutions to operational and customer challenges.

We provide services to global customers including Fortune 500 companies. Our innovative platforms and reusable assets connect across a number of technologies to deliver tangible business value to all our customers.

We are enabling our clients/customers to embrace emerging technologies which add value and innovation to their Lines of Business with greater confidence and speed subsequently gain edge over their competition.

Our Products and Services help our customers reap the benefits of emerging technologies, be ahead of their peers/competition, better customer experience and engagement; all at the lowest cost possible.

Our goal is to help organizations deliver their solutions with best customer experiences that excite and engage in turn, open up new opportunities for their businesses. With undeterred passion towards high productivity and customer focused culture, our solutions are always value and ROI driven.

Our services and solutions are helping global customers enjoy quick returns, high growth rates, improved operations and business agility.

Eclature’s innovative solutions enable

CIO’s achieve

  • Optimised IT Costs & Greater ROI
  • Accelerate Business Growth with transformed systems
  • Improved Business continuity
  • Higher IT efficiency

Business achieve

  • Business Agility to meet customer needs
  • Attracting New & retaining existing customers
  • Creating Innovative New products & Services
  • Improved Operations

Organisation achieve

  • Business & IT alignment
  • Increased Enterprise Growth & Competitive advantage
  • Reducing Enterprise Costs
  • Increased Customer base

End users receive

  • Best Services & Products
  • Greater satisfaction

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