About Us and Our Company

We are a team of dedicated professionals engaged in helping our clients globally in building convergent solutions that deliver more value in terms of business efficiency and revenue growth.

Digital at scale and speed. Let’s get you future-ready.
Our passion for client satisfaction creates pioneering ideas that add intrinsic value to clients’ stage-specific needs across their product lifecycle.
We are focused to drive your business forward.
We support them when it matters the most, by scaling faster and integrating new ideas whenever they face critical competitive threats.

About Us

Eclature Technologies stands for engineering innovation, excellence, and reliability. Our name, “Eclature” represents our core principle which is “Excellence Redefined”.

Eclature is a dedicated technology services provider. We are in the forefront of providing digital transformation, consulting and business re-engineering solutions for Global 1000 companies and mid-market enterprise clients across the world. Headquartered in the Manchester, United Kingdom, Eclature has operations and delivery locations in Daresbury, UK, Hyderabad, India, and Dubai supporting global clients.

With extensive expertise in emerging set of disruptive technologies: Big Data and Analytics, Mobility, Enterprise Applications, Internet of Things (IoT), DevOps, including Automation and Cloud platforms, Eclature offers domain centric immersive solutions that are capable to deliver the keystone business value to our customers seeking help with Design, Technology, and Engineering. We constantly think big and obsess about delivering high-quality products, services, and processes, in a timely fashion.

As an IBM Business partner, Eclature is uniquely positioned to provide end-to-end digital transformation solutions enabling both new and existing customers to compete and stay relevant in their respective markets.

At Eclature, striving to build convergent solutions is a way of life. Our passion for client satisfaction creates pioneering ideas that add intrinsic value to clients’ stage-specific needs across their product lifecycle. We support them when it matters the most that is by scaling faster and integrating new ideas whenever they face critical competitive threats. Our portfolio of services is aligned to leverage the benefits of business agility, reduced operations cost, decreased time-to-market and the scalability of enterprise workloads – focused on your success.

Eclature’s Portfolio of Frameworks and
Methodologies Enable

  • Optimized IT costs & Greater ROI
  • Accelerate business growth with transformed systems
  • Improved business continuity
  • Higher IT efficiency
  • Business agility to meet customer requirements
  • Attracting new & retaining existing customers
  • Creating innovative new products & services
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Business & IT alignment
  • Increased enterprise growth & competitive advantage
  • Reducing enterprise costs
  • Increased customer base
  • Instant attention and service
  • Best services & products
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Uncommon customer experience

Why Us

We are passionate about transforming how enterprises like yours deploy Big Data analytics and Automation, including emerging trends like IoT and Cloud enablement. The problem we solve? AI technologies and Big Data infrastructure solutions are complex, expensive, and time-consuming to implement.

From Enterprise Mobility and DevOps to Big Data, Automation and Development, Eclature is the hub of every bleeding edge technology in software engineering. As an agile global IT consulting solutions provider, we are enthusiastic about solving business challenges throughout the product lifecycle. Within a short span of time of our operations as a global tech company, we have quickly excelled at building a reputation as go-to-experts for solving complex IT challenges, large and small.

Experienced, lean and adaptive tech team led by our in-house consulting professionals with years of experience in Development, Optimization, and Managed Services. With knowledge in modern operations practices and deep expertise in world-class engineering, we can help clients to generate new revenue streams, gain meaningful differentiation, and achieve real economic value throughout their digital journey
For providing onsite and offshore IT solutions, we are in a constant state of innovation. In the last few years, we have delivered numerous projects on Big Data, IoT, Cloud, Enterprise Applications, DevOps, among others. As solution partners, we want to be an important part of your growth strategy and are keen to make your vision realized. We undertake every project with honesty, integrity and vigilance
As a strategic partner to our customers across the world, we have topped the customer satisfaction index for the brand of IT services we provide across all industries. We push frontiers of innovation and keep an always-on agenda for learning powerful digital technologies. Our multi-disciplinary tech teams can help clients navigate their digital transformation

Our Story

Our roots began in Manchester, United Kingdom where Eclature Technologies Founders met and worked together to deliver on the principle of “Excellence Redefined”. In the years that followed, tight professional bonds were formed through diverse business accomplishments and moments of personal association and joy. In the year 2013, the stars aligned for the founding members to group together and envision something special, and Eclature Technologies Ltd. was born.

Founded by Tech Leaders from Fortune 50 companies, we have onboard a senior team of long-time consultants and practice heads from GE, Barclays, IBM, Citibank, Amazon, UBS, and HSBC. Ably supported by one of our Centers of Excellence (CoE) in Hyderabad, India comprising of budding entrepreneurial talent and inquisitive engineers, we deliver higher quality solutions in the key technology areas of Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Automation, RPA, Block Chain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, DevOps, Mobile, Cloud, Agile and User Experience (UX).

Our leadership teams have successfully led and delivered transformational programs for our clients like GE, Volkswagen, BMW, BARCLAYS, SAINSBURYS, B&Q, Kellogg’s, EBRD, MAERSKLINE enabling them to reduce delivery costs at a minimum of 40% while being Agile (reduced cycle times >25%) and realize faster ROI (>30% earlier) whereby providing long-term benefits for years to come.

Unrelenting Dedication

Since our founding by Tech Leaders from Fortune 50 companies in 2013, Eclature has been defined by evolution and innovation.

Eclature Technologies, within a short span of time, has become one of the leading professional services companies in the world.

We’ve built repeatable solutions for Insurance, Financial Services and other verticals in the United States, Dubai, and the UK markets. We deliver increased flexibility and business agility with repeatable solutions that encompass the 3Cs: Conceptualize, Construct and Care with advanced analytics, collaboration, and work process automation software.

Our industry-based consultative approach empowers clients to digitally transform their legacy systems into more innovative and efficient businesses.

Partnership Spirit

As a strategic partner, we function as a full stakeholder to business, providing integrated portfolio of technology led solutions to global customers including Fortune 500 companies across major industry verticals. A cornerstone of our success is that we foster a collegial environment where true partnerships develop unhindered.

Our innovative digital platforms and reusable assets underpin our suite of solutions. Differentiated on the strength of our domain expertise in multiple industry verticals and connecting across a number of cutting-edge technologies, we have been able to deliver tangible business value that allowed our clients drive technology-led transformations for the digital era.

We enable our customers to embrace emerging technologies which create new source of value and greatest positive impact to their Lines of Business with greater confidence and agility, and subsequently gain significant competitive advantage over their competitors.

Expert Thinking

From strategy through management, our global talent pool of professionals work around your domain and technology requirements, offering specialized solutions that meet the unique needs of your business. Drawn from our wealth of real-world expertise empowered by years of experience working with bleeding edge technologies, our bespoke teams go the extra mile to enable your mobile, analytics, social, internet of things (IoT) and cloud journeys.

We pride ourselves on being passionate about exceptional customer service and industry-leading growth. Our Centers of Excellence (CoE) operate in a fully transparent manner to serve the complex needs of our customers with a collective Can-Do attitude. We are based out of our corporate headquarters in Manchester, UK and have office branches operating from Daresbury (UK), Dubai and Hyderabad, India.