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Design and development are the two sides of a coin which has equal importance in any product or application development life cycle. The method or the procedure may differ based on the priority and the type of domain considered. Still, when taken on an overall note, design always encourages the development of the application in a well-defined way and development relies on the structured and deeply analyzed layout for a better product or application performance. Each customer requirement is unique and cannot be compared with the other ones. Everyone expects delivery excellence when it comes to the end of product deployment. Designing web services or any application services requires attention to detail and the ability to capture the right insights which help you to mould the shape and scope of the product or application. When a design is given enough weightage during the initial stages itself, the development phase becomes more clear and precise and also helps in overcoming the hidden complexities easily.
Web development and design services implemented by our expert team of Digital Engineering consultants help various global clients to kick start new approaches without any hassles by enabling continuous integration and continuous delivery of design and development code.

Why Eclature

  • Roadmap to Digital World
    We make sure to deliver significant-valued software solutions in a fast pace mode with assured quality and commitment through a client-centric approach which enables us to accelerate product performance. We analyze and understand the existing methods implemented by our clients and suggest them the right roadmap towards achieving expected goals with promised digital transformation.
  • Customized Frameworks
    We at Eclature, with our team of professionals, strive hard to turn the abstract concepts into reality. Our solutions consist of custom-made digital transformation frameworks, and also technology-focused flexible solutions which enable our clients to gain quantum leaps in business performance.
  • Proven Competence
    Our proven methodologies withstand the global market competition with cutting edge digital engineering practices. We develop agility of j-native techniques which in turn result in accelerating the portfolio-wide transformation that yields tangible results and stands as the industry best example for high-end quality.
  • Customer Centric Approach
    We follow the customer-centric approach to leveraging the end product services. Our core skills include in Mobility, Cloud, Big Data and IoT technologies which play a crucial role in transforming application and designing new product development life cycles which attract market attention and also cost-effective.

Our Creative Web Design & Development Solutions

Web Based Services

Web-based, and also desktop application design and development services are catered in this segment. The offered services depend entirely upon the client requirement like need-based or custom based. Software coding experts design the code along with the expected business core values which help the product or application to gain the required public attention quickly.

Mobile Based Services

Mobile apps rule the digital world. There is a high demand in the global market for mobile app developers who can address the app development requirement and increase the accessibility of the application more than ever.

Our Approach

Requirement Analysis and Definition

Gathering the initial requirements is a crucial and a key player in any process, and we take care to not to miss any customer requirement here. After successful requirements gathering, we study and understand how to design the plan and select the respective tools and technologies. We define and create every minute requirement details and then progress to the next stages of application development.

Project Planning and Design

Planning to kick start the procedure should always abide by timelines and follow the estimated budget. We take it on a serious note to complete the tasks within given limits. We suggest the most trending and highly suitable designs to pick from the vast pool of smart web application designs and incorporate the latest graphics, techniques to add more life to the project.

Resource Planning

We choose only the creamy layer to work on your project and industry best professionals to design what we have planned. The core expertise programming people confined to each skill always monitor the progress of the project, and we do follow agile methodology while deploying the best technical web applications.

Application Development and Deployment

We always work with customer feasibility and provide you with the demo before we start working on the project. The demo exactly meets client expectations, objectives and goals of the application and can be modified as per the customer suggestions. Once the review is done, we step into shaping the real-time project.

Application Testing and Maintenance

Once the application is completed, we ensure to test the overall performance of the use in all aspects. The modules, user-friendly factors and the navigations are thoroughly examined here. Our testers take care of both functional and non-functional testing methodologies and ensure a high-end quality product.

“We’d recommend them to others and will definitely hire him again to start work on other platforms. I got more than my money’s worth!”

-Mr. Alex Banyard

“Their standard of coding has helped us move our project along quickly and keep us agile enough in the ever-growing complex technology landscape.”

-Mr. Alan Chiswell

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