Spell-Binding Designs for Awesome User Experience


Spell-Binding Designs for Awesome User Experience

Usability is the necessary condition for the survival and success of your application. No matter how disruptive and innovative is the application, high usability, accessibility, and responsiveness or the overall end-user experience will ultimately determine meaningful interactions and experience for your customers/users to get hooked on to your products.

Smart organizations want to build businesses and brands anchored around active, high-value communities across channels. With the focus on maximizing usability and user experience, companies are leveraging and transforming their digital applications to ensure customer satisfaction, via delightful experiences that enable conversions.


Creating Engaging Delightful Experiences

Through engaging, creative, and powerful user-centric designs, Eclature’s UI/UX service offering delivers well-designed products for companies worldwide. Inspired by design thinking methodologies, our highly experienced team of talented UI/UX designers creates stunning visual designs for Web, Mobile, Smartphones, Tablets, and Smart watches that make a positive impact and lasting impression.

We follow the process of people-centric design-led engineering across all digital touch-points along the customer journey. Our consulting offerings include UX Assessment, UX Research, and UX Design. We look at the UI/UX design approach as a five-stage process:

  • User Research & Strategy
    We dive into understanding potential users, your business needs, competitor products, and perspectives based on the current market, solutions or scenarios.
  • UX Design/Prototyping
    Through a process of concept development, user analysis, and quality assurance protocols, we focus on improving usability, accessibility and creating enjoyable user-centered design experiences.
  • User Stories & Flows
    We map the user’s journey based on the real-life experience with persona descriptions while interacting with your product. We focus on understanding different goals, needs, or tasks of the user base.
  • Wireframes & Prototyping
    We use wireframes and prototypes to prepare the solution for user validation. Relevant feedback and user interface mockups to anticipate user needs, behaviors and perspectives.
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