Seamless User Experience across Diverse Channels

In the world of digital, customer satisfaction, brand value and business revenues have become synonymous with application performance. Therefore, to accelerate business digitization, organizations need to ensure that not only the application is fast, consistent, highly available, and scalable but also provides a seamless user experience across diverse channels, platforms, and devices.

Mobile adoption is on a steep adoption curve and user performance expectations are higher than ever. The most obvious inference to make is that your application should perform at peak levels as application performance is the key determinant of adoption, success, and productivity for organizations to retain customers, build brand loyalty and business revenues.

Reliably Fast Mobile Application Testing

Performance engineering experts at Eclature have stellar testing experience in Application Performance Management for virtually any type of products. Through our refined testing strategies and industry best practices, we can guide you at critical milestones of product or application development lifecycle and advise you on the suitable approach – from Performance Advisory, Performance Evaluation, Performance Execution, and Performance Engineering.

With years of industry-leading QA experience behind us, our performance testing experts ensure that your application delivers a superb end-user experience. We can assist clients to reduce the possibility of product breakdown due to unusual surge or demand in traffic that may impact your business. The challenge here is to gear up your application to support traffic under various conditions of load, real-life stress conditions and pressure and remain powerful and stable.

Our performance engineers help enterprises ensure high application service levels in terms of response time, throughput, speed, scalability, and stability, which are fundamental measures of quality. Combined with our performance testing framework and engineering services, Eclature gets you up and running quickly, and keeps you running.

Our 360-degree Performance Testing and Engineering services include:
Performance Advisory
  • Performance Test and Process Consulting
  • Architecture Design and Infrastructure Setup Advisory
  • Test Strategy and Tool Assessment
  • Production Readiness Assurance
  • Test Center Of Excellence (CoE)
Performance Evaluation
  • Performance Evaluation and Usability Testing
  • Application Scalability and Assessment
  • Application Performance Benchmarking
  • Load Predictions Modeling
Performance Execution
  • Load Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Soak Testing
  • Scalability Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Spike Testing
  • Endurance Testing
  • Volume Testing
  • Failover Testing and Disaster Recovery
Performance Engineering
  • Performance Testing and Engineering
  • Architecture and Design Assessment
  • Capacity Planning and Infrastructure Optimization
  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Source Code Performance Profiling
  • Database Performance Optimization
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