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About Client

The Client, a venture capital (VC) funding company, is one of the most active firms in the United States of America and is deemed to have high, long-term growth potential in financing startup companies and small businesses. The company is managed by entrepreneurs (venture capitalists) and industry-operating veterans.


The primary objective was to develop an iPad Application for The Client that facilitates the retrieval of a source code data file, update it, save it and deploy it on to the server or SCM (supply chain management) System. The mobile application (iPad App) has been named as ‘My Code Editor’. The App is targeted at the English speaking primary markets including US, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Furthermore, the iPad Application facilitates the retrieval of a Source Code data file (also called Program File like a .php or .html file), allows Code Editing, enables Save and Deployment of the edited source code file back on to the source Server or SCM system. The mobile application supports several source code formats, for instance, PHP, HTML, CSS, etc.


The Client, a venture capital (VC) funding company, wanted to build a Mobile Application that runs on an iPad device that would enable developers’ access and edit Source Code files from a remote storage server location. Using this application, developers will have the convenience to retrieve and edit source code from a number of different types of storage locations.
One of the challenges we faced was how to enable access to edit Source Code files and then quickly and easily push changes whenever you want and save them on to the SCM System server. Apart from that, the developers of The Client wanted to be able to review their Source Code files quickly and give additional tips (if required) to ensure consistency in their own coding styles.


Eclature Technologies’ primary objective was to develop an iPad Mobile Application that facilitates the retrieval of a source code data file, update, save and deploy on to the server or SCM System. The proposed iPad App is named as ‘My Code Editor’.

The My Code Editor is unique, simple and intuitive to use. It consists of three main components:

  • The Cloud Pointe Middleware component – This allows the App to connect to a remote system/server and retrieve or check out a Source Code file. This component was developed by The Client.
  • The Editor Component – The Editor Component allows the user to open the Source Code file and enable viewing and editing of its content.
  • The Lexer – Also called as Lexical Parser. It is a component that performs intelligent functions like Color Coding of keywords and other components of the code such as Comments, Syntax verification, and Help (if applicable). A third-party tool called Code Mirror was used for its implementation.

Features of ‘My Code Editor’:

  • A hybrid mobile application installed on an iPad Tablet.
  • Lets the user write and edit code not just read it, and syncs your files on a cloud.
  • The Mobile App will be easily downloadable from the App Store but will be a paid App.
  • The App Code Editor supports a number of Source Code formats for an initial launch (PHP, HTML etc). Any new or additional support language types would be dynamically loadable from a web server.
  • The App Development has been done for iOS version 4.0 and higher.
  • The App is targeted at the English speaking primary markets including US, Canada, UK, and Australia.
  • The App helps System Administrators and Developers to make ad-hoc code changes to an existing file in a source code control system from a remote location wherever connectivity is available.
  • The Cloud Pointe API middleware allows the App to connect to a remote server into its Source Code system and retrieve a Source Code file. The app also manages version control of the retrieved source file.

Key Benefits

The key benefits achieved with the implementation of the iPad App:

  • Ease of using the App on the move and making possible edits and updates to the code using an iPad Tablet handheld device.
  • Updates in real-time, ensuring that all developers are part of the same process.
  • Make decisions based on the latest information available.
  • Easy connectivity to Cloud Point Account, and a feature to add a new user connection to Cloud Point.
  • Facility to Edit/Delete a Cloud Point connection.
  • The ability of the App to retrieve, edit, move, delete, and save code files and deploy onto the server at the same time.
  • Faster retrieval of files using Cloud Point API. The App comes with a Version Control System for the retrieved code files.
  • A Robust Search and Replace feature in the Code Editor.
  • Intelligent color coding feature that helps identify syntax, comments in the editor and while using the Help feature.
  • The application is compatible with an external keyboard facility (Wi-Fi and Wired).

Eclature’s applications development competency team has used the following tools and technologies in developing The Client’s mobile application:

  • MAC OS 10.7 (Lion)
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • JQuery & Objective C
  • PhoneGap 1.0 Mobile Dev Framework & Cocoa-Touch
  • Cloud Pointe Middleware API
  • iOS 4.0 SDK
  • XCode 4.2 IDE