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The Client is one of the leading UK-based customer-connected retailers, operating primarily in retail and e-commerce space. The retail giant has a long and proud history of catering to the needs of their customers and communities. Its vision is to help improve the prospects of the customers, communities, and partners to develop sustainable earnings and growth for their retailing business.
The Client is an award-winning regional and community-focussed e-commerce giant committed to figuring out the priorities of their huge customer base in the UK. As a retailing company, they offer quality products and services that make a difference and are relevant to their customers’ business and lifestyle needs they serve.


Already a market leader, this Insurance Carrier wanted to raise the bar by embedding total customer centricity into the mobile app on Android & iOS platforms of the future. The Client wanted to deliver the most relevant, up-to-date information to its loyal user base.

A mobile application was just what The Client needed to make their personal lines automobile and condo/renters insurance more widely accessible to the customers such as renters and condominium unit owners and provide them a convenient platform where they can register a complaint and find an agent near to them by using the GPS or zip code.


The Client sought to accelerate testing automation, drive outcomes, improve time-to-market and deliver top-quality customer experiences. In order to provide their revenue structure a digital makeover, The Client engaged the Eclature team to transform the customer experience, enhance its e-commerce platform to develop a culture of experimentation.
We worked together to transform the way the organization delivered a seamless user experience across digital devices as it embraced optimization.
With Eclature’s Touchless QA Testing Platform, our quality engineering capabilities combine artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and neural networks (NN) to provide test engineers with the essential software testing tools they need to operate more efficiently and effectively.


To drive intelligence and automation into the testing lifecycle, Eclature’s forward-thinking approach helped The Client roll out a testing process, implement an end-to-end intelliintelligent automation framework and a culture of experimentation for their in-house team. Underpinned by an outcome-driven model, we focused on delivering maximum value by using our Problem Solution Mapping (PSM) process to uncover and prioritize customer problems.
As a result, The Client was better equipped with to handle large volumes and complexity of data with greater agility, better testing strategies, lower delivery effort, and improved productivity. Eclature’s 360-degree approach to quality had ensured transformed software quality through test automation.

Some of the priorities involved in the project were:

  • Developed robust optimization practices for its portfolio of brands
  • Improve the cart and checkout pages across their many brands and platforms
  • Completely revamped the mobile checkout design
  • Simplified the mobile cart page that increased the order conversion rate by 5%
  • A forward-thinking approach to innovation
  • Marked improvement in customer experience
  • On-demand testing across multiple devices and carriers
  • Created a culture of experimentation, verification and validation
  • Adoption of test and learn throughout the organization
  • Lower delivery effort and improved productivity

To further The Client’s agile journey, Eclature worked very closely with the retailer and empowered their business to stay ahead of the competition. We proved to be the right partner to accelerate the company’s digital transformation goals.

85% Increased automation

55% Quality cost savings achieved

55% Reduced cycle time