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The Client, a behavior pattern management laboratory of specialized and innovative interactive training for healthcare professionals, has a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) application that allows registered healthcare professional caregivers, healthcare workers, and students access to the online application and take up an online video course and provide their feedback using device-agnostic access from iOS/Android-enabled Smartphones to Tablets and PCs.

With primary focus on learning management, the LMS application provides an incredible balance between ease-of-use and functionality of the system. Besides this feature, it provides an easy, simple yet modern user interface, therefore adding a level of efficiency to The Client’s learning systems to professional caregivers, healthcare workers, and students alike.


As a part of the Video-based LMS, while playing the video, the student is expected to give inputs and based on the inputs the student is assessed. Eclature welcomed the challenge of developing an engaging experience – one that anyone would find fun and exciting using it.

The business challenge was to develop an interactive mobile app that allows The Client to share intelligent electronic coursework resources and deliver them with unmatched reach and flexibility to its users. Additionally, an LMS application that manages the administration of training, including delivering course content/catalogs, launching online video courses, registering students, track learner progress, and conducting assessments, by putting them in an accessible electronic form.

Capturing the user inputs for user behaviors was one of the major challenges experienced during the development phase of this web-based application.


The Client engaged Eclature’s services to develop an interactive video-based mobile app similar to that of an existing web-based application that its clients currently use. The app receives real-time inputs from the students and performs an assessment on their personal behavior. Eclature proposed a mobile app that provided the benefits of flexible learning that fitted in with The Client’s online training obligations.

We worked closely with The Client’s team to develop a set of high impact and customizable page templates that enhanced the user experience through and through.

The Client’s Learning Management System (NLMS) is a fully interactive online LMS mobile app which helps Professional Caregivers and Healthcare workers, including support staff members working in healthcare centers to learn the patient care skills online. The learner can improve patient care-taking skills by going through the interactive video examination.

The important modules of The Client mobile app are categorized into:

Login Page

  • User need to enter the valid User Name and Password for access. Based on the credentials provided and upon a successful login, the app displays My Courses page, otherwise a user alert message pops up saying, “Please use valid user name and password to login”.

My Courses Page

  • Upon entering valid User Name and Password, the app takes the user to My Courses page. My Courses page displays all the assigned courses to that particular logged in user. The user is allowed to select the training course. The VRT Training course is the default course for all the users.

Video Examination Page

  • A direct-to-consumer web-based Mobile Application using industry standard mobile application development framework called PhoneGap.
    Video Exam page plays the user selected video and allows the student to take exam. The video will play continuously without buffer. While playing the video, students need to find appropriate behaviors and give their inputs (Good or Bad), and based upon the inputs received the students’ behavior is assessed.

My Profile Page

  • This page displays complete information about the logged in user. Anytime, the user is also allowed to update his/her profile information and save it.


The key benefits achieved upon implementation of the LMS application:

  • An interactive mobile platform for the care givers to take-up online courses on the move.
  • A secured login page for users.
  • Easy access to learning what you need, when you need it.
  • Easily communicate information and training for users.
  • Give access to online content securely, in a matter of minutes.
  • Delivers quality e-Learning to the entire team without any hurdles.
  • Robust search facility to search for the available courses.
  • A categories page that helps users to select the available courses and take exams.
  • Access to customized training that is specific training given to a specific individual.
  • Course player that does not do buffering and plays continuous video.
  • Profile page that helps users to add and update their personal information
  • Engage learners with just-in-time, just enough information via mobile app

Eclature’s in-house experts worked closely with The Client to understand the business need and create the training solutions accordingly. The following technologies were used to develop, implement and create impactful learning solutions for the client:

  • Java 1.6
  • Android 2.2 and above
  • Eclipse Indigo IDE 1.3.7
  • SQL Server 2005
  • Cold Fusion 9 for Web Services