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The Client is one of the premier innovation-driven air products electronic materials companies headquartered in the United States, supplying specialty gases and other game-changing technology products to the semiconductor industry.
The Client is the manufacturers of specialty electronic materials such as ultra-thin dielectric semiconductors, CMP slurries, metal film precursors, and delivery equipment, focused on establishing a global reputation for quality, safety, and reliability in the electronic materials industry.


With a vision to help tech companies stretch the boundaries of science and technology, The Client wanted to implement a full-suite SAP S/4HANA enterprise solution that not only optimizes business operations but also drives total business transformation.
In the semiconductor industry around the world, The Client is a well-known electronic materials company supplying premier specialty gases and products. Globally, the company has 14 manufacturing plants, 34 locations and 132 facilities in 10+ countries.
In October 2016, the company announced its separation from Air Products. However, being under a transition service agreement (TSA), it continued to bank on its former parent company’s IT systems to support its business. Over the years The Client had gradually set its priorities to transform its business operations that will drive rapid growth and success. Therefore, to facilitate its exit from the TSA and achieve its goals of optimizing business operations as a standalone company, The Client wanted to implement its own fully-enabled SAP ERP solution.


The Client and Eclature collaborated on this project to deliver the first go-lives of the next-generation intelligent business ERP suite SAP S/4HANA v1610 Enterprise Management. From design to testing to deployment, we integrated The Client’s core business processes with innovation available on SAP Cloud and SAP Leonardo.
Eclature’s SAP team has successfully delivered SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management, which has increased operational efficiency, streamlined processes, improved the tracking of goods, and reduced costs with better financial and management reporting. The implementation of the solution went smoothly without disrupting The Client’s business.
As part of this prestigious project, The Client needed a new solution that simplified key business processes like logistics, finance and more and the one that drastically improved The Client’s system performance: One among such essential operations was to help the warehouse operators to track record and process containers. To achieve that, Eclature’s SAP team immersed itself to quickly design and build a custom iOS container tracking mobile app, giving a definite competitive edge that helped in enabling faster decision-making, workflow management, and automating the manual process by providing real-time updates from the new SAP system.
Furthermore, Eclature and The Client worked together to ensure

Following benefits were achieved from the fit-for-purpose solution delivered to The Client:

  • “Out of the box” functionality, 90% industry best practices
  • Better Information tracking, consistency across business units
  • Improvement sales effectiveness, better information tracking
  • Real-time information, business growth through a scalable platform


Eclature had delivered this multifaceted project in just 15 months and within budget, without disrupting The Client’s global supply chain enterprise. The Client is now well positioned to achieve better business growth by optimizing their business operations, managing costs and leveraging real-time analytics to ensure quality products to customers worldwide. In addition, its IT landscape is now


The robust SAP S/4HANA enterprise solution as the system of engagement and innovation provides The Client with a solid foundation for eliminating errors, optimize its supply chain and boost sales, operating as a standalone company and transforming its business to succeed in the electronic materials industry segment.


Having moved off the transition service agreement (TSA) with Air Products, The Client can more easily gain a competitive advantage on its own, support standard processes and activities, from business planning to finance and supply chain management to leveraging analytics.


The highly automated first-of-a-kind SAP S/4HANA solution allows for a number of special capabilities: most notably, the custom iOS container tracking mobile app for real-time inventory tracking for fewer tracking and distribution errors was delivered in less than 15 weeks.