Connect to communicate is the everlasting on which the modern world is running. Yes, the more you are connected with the digital world, the more you communicate in order to make things done in a simpler way. IoT has this ability to transform the world into a better place where everything happens with a touch of technology and every turn you take leads to the digital revolution.
Internet of Things (IoT), in fact, can be termed as the trending buzz word and is on the list of top-end technologies the world is experiencing today. There is no doubt in saying that IoT plays a key role in changing the world, but how is the question of the doubt here.
Our blog explains the same to make the users understand exactly how this three-letter powerful world has got the stamina to turn the digital ecosystem to an advanced mode.
What is IoT and Why only IoT?
IoT can be simply defined as the Internet of things combined together or connected efficiently to communicate effectively. IoT is everywhere and is already a part of our regular activities.
Various devices that we use frequently like the internet, mobile or any smart device is embedded with IoT and are controlled digitally with more power. IoT drives and aids 5 g. The awesome connecting mantra can easily integrate to and accelerate along with trending technologies like Robotic Process Automation, Nanotechnology, and Robot Science to strengthen future innovations and lay the path to successful foundations.
Implementation of IoT assures comfort and easy convenience with assured security mechanisms. The IoT market never saw a declining graph to date and is expected to increase enormously in future years. It is also predicted that more than 20 billion IoT devices can come into the digital market by 2021.

Top 10 ways to understand how IoT is changing the world

#1. Regular life

IoT has changed the face of regular activities and day to day routines we generally look up and follow. The implementation of IoT in a simpler way has added a huge value to the tiny things. Some of the IoT examples in regular life are
• Smart appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, smartphones, and kitchen appliances
• Smart wearables like eyeglasses, watches, gadgets, athletic wear, activewear, tracking shoes, and other Fitness trackers
• Security systems at homes and offices
• Sensors and sensor management
• Smartphones and smart assistants like Google, Siri, Alexa, etc
• Temperature controlling, Light controlling units
• .Smart mobility
• Smart home hubs like internet connectivity, communication at home, etc

#2. Transportation

Mobility always takes the first priority in today’s modern world and the weightage it carries since ages never fade or shades. IoT has tremendously changed the face of transportation as below:
• Monitoring vehicle performance
• Detecting the engine break downs and need to fuel
• Alerting the passengers on vehicle arrival and departures
• Booking tickets for transportation and validating them
• Knowing the status of occupants in a vehicle and their requirements’
• Suggesting the best routes to avoid traffic
• Guiding on new roads to reach the destinations
• Accident emergency
• Traffic guidance and control
• Vehicle pollution can be decreased

#3. Home environment

IoT increased the level of ease, comfort and security in homes beyond expectations.
• Smart home management
• Controlled electricity options like fans, lights, etc
• Sensor-based door opening and closures
• Secured locking system
• CCTV live to monitor and sending dynamic updates
• Smart home appliances
• Water tank monitoring system
• Fire and smoke alarms

#4. Health industry

Health always stands first before anything; the society is always in need of a brighter change to take place especially in the health sector to reduce the number of bad incidents taking place due to the lack of technology implementation. IoT has addressed several problems in the health care industry very effectively like
• Collecting patients data more easily
• Monitoring the critical care patients with the help of tiny IoT devices paced on their bodies
• Checking and updating the medicines to be used via online
• Managing the doctor and patient appoints
• Reminder to take medicines and go for health check-ups

#5. Construction

IoT has shifted construction to a next new level with the implementation of smart techniques which strengthened the building concepts and laying the path to the constructive innovations like:
• Construction standards are set and analyzed easily
• Quality of sand, site, and bricks are monitored
• The designs and implementation is implemented with innovation
• The labor working hours are tracked easily
• The secured construction process is assured with safety alarms

#6. Helping industries

Intelligent Industry is the current buzz word of industrialization. IoT has laid the foundations to Industry 4.0 by its innovative implementations.
• The increasing number of connected devices
• Sensor home and office environments
• Dynamic monitoring of each and every activity
• Smart cameras and threat detecting sensors help to avoid complexities
• Increase or decrease the productivity flow based on real-time logistics
• Predicting the volume of sales
• Smart and engaging communication with clients

#7. Smart cities

IoT is designing smart cities and its innovations are world topics today. Every sector of the global domain is redefined by IoT.
• IoT ensures a safe and secure environment
• Sensor-based stress-free ecosystem
• Controlling the temperature and pollution is now possible without any hassles
• Quality of life is increasing endlessly
• Traffic-related worries are also handled easily with dynamic updates
• Weather predictions became more accurate than ever
• Crime rate can also be controlled and closely monitored

#8. Communication

The Bank bone of human growth and endurance is nothing but the ability to communicate. IoT accelerated the mode of communication to new heights and new trends. Every single day is counting as a new chance to innovate and upgrade the communication system, communication gadgets and devices with the help of IoT implementation.
• Communication is possible in many different ways now unlike the traditional times
• Live tracking and Live updates are more common and easy
• There is no limit on the scope of communication in this digital era. It’s beyond imaginable.

#9. Security

Whether it’s a regular household or a top-notch industry, a bank or defense unit, Security always stands first. IoT has changed the face of the security mechanisms and uplifted the way we think about the security mechanism. The vigilance standards are enormously increased and safety is assured with more confidence now. Security is aided by IoT without any doubt.
• Eye to eye hands-on monitoring assures more security
• Live Tracking helps to know the dynamic status
• Threat detecting sensors help in avoiding dangers
• CCTV variations are contributing a lot in various domains of society
• Very much useful in investigating crime scenes and also while defending national and internationally against ant social culprits.

#10. Agriculture

Being an agricultural background country and possessing a highly farmer-based production economy, countries like India are turning toward innovative options to increase the productivity of agriculture. Also, there is a dire need to address the d=growing demand for food production with a tremendous population increase. IoT helps in the agriculture sector by:
• Predicting weather conditions
• Helping to take quick and right decisions with data analysis
• Monitoring the soil quality and crop productivity
• Addressing the water level requirements
• Dynamic suggestions on crop quality
• Guiding on the type of soil to use, level of water to be maintained, etc.
• Agriculture professionals can now directly communicate with the farmers and assist them in the right possible way.

So, technology is always a boon for mankind and IoT is proving the same.